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Free online contact forms.

Online contact forms are the best way to avoid sharing your e-mail with spammers and criminals.

We let you have as many contact forms as you need, for free.

Want an example? Check out our own email contact form.

Every contact form is accessible by its own simple URL that you choose.

Then, simply use your custom URL instead of your e-mail on your websites, in forums, on blog posts, and more.

Privacy Assured

All message from your contact forms will be immediately sent to your private e-mail address, and then deleted from memory. At no point will your messages ever be placed in permanent storage. No hacker or lawyer can ever try to obtain copies of your messages from our server, because no copies will ever exist.

We will never send spam!

Our business model is extremely simple. Some day, we might start inserting a very small but very clearly marked advertisement at the end of some of the contact messages that we forward to you. Yahoo and Hotmail do the same thing. We will never send you a mail you didn't request, and we will never share your e-mail with anyone. We are here to prevent spam, not create it!

Full Control

With one login account, you can create, modify, and delete as many contact forms as you want, any time you want.

Of course, we forward your messages directly to your private e-mail account, so there will rarely be any reason to login.

After each person uses one of your forms, you can have the person directly transfered back your website, or to any other web page of your choosing.

Includes sender IP, location, and browser details

Each email sent to you from your free web contact form will include this information:

  • Referring Web Page: unknown
  • Sender's IP Address:
  • Sender's IP Country: US
  • Sender's Web Browser Information: CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)

This example shows the actual information from your IP address and web browser. When you use any contact form on this site, this information will be sent to the form owner. The visitor information will only be shared if the visitor sends an email.